Gingerbread Lake, Eaton Socon

A lovely open-access venue with some fantastic mirror carp to be had.

Gingerbread Lake, Eaton Socon

Gingerbread was excavated in the early 1980’s and is regarded as the clubs specimen lake. It is approximately 20 acres in size, it consists of a number of large bays which include classic gravel bars, slopes, shallows and deeper holes.

Well maintained swims are surrounded by mature trees, and an excellent hardcore track provides good access to swims.

Gingerbread Lake

Tickets: Club ticket via, night syndicate
How much: £75
How to book: Via website as above
How busy: Quite busy
Can you drive to swims: Yes
On site facilities: None
Average Size: 20 plus
Max size: 43lb
Realistic catch rate: 1-2 per session
Best swims: The fish move around
Best rig: Long chods
Best bait: Boilies
Ideal experience level to catch: Intermediate

The fish can normally be located via streams of bubbles, cruising under the surface or full on displays.

Mark Wooley

This nutritious water has produced some exceptional growth rates over the last 35 years and 30lb carp are captured on a regular basis.

A number of specimens are now over 40lbs, Spring and the onset of Winter always being an exciting time to see if they reveal themselves.

Gingerbread Lake is quite rightly recognised as a superb opportunity to catch huge carp, which is open to all.

How to approach Gingerbread Lake

The best tactic is fishing with a mobile approach, with location being my main focus. The fish can normally be located via streams of bubbles, cruising under the surface or full on displays. So if you don’t think they are in front of you, it’s always worth a walk.


Gingerbread Lake


I like to fish long, running chod rigs – once the lead hits the water I place the rod on the floor and spread boilie over the top, using the splash ringlets as targets.

The new Korda Kamakura hooks I’ve found to be a massive edge fishing chods. There’s very little resistance due to the rigs mechanics and therefore the extra sharp hook has certainly contributed towards my success and the hook holds have been immense!!

With the lakes shape, locating the fish and being mobile I’ve found to be most important towards being successful. Once I’ve located fish I can cast 3 rods out with minimal disturbance and be confident I’m fishing effectively, regardless of what it’s sitting on.

gingerbread lake socon

Other details

One of the best things about Gingerbread is the fact that it is otter fenced meaning that its prized residents are protected from our furry friends.

Gingerbread, Eaton Socon - Rules

Barbed or barbless?: Either
Any rules on bait?: Anything as long as particles are prepared
Baitboats allowed?: Yes
Fish care: Unhooking mate and fish care required
Mainline requirements: None
Other rules: None

Have You Caught Fish at Gingerbread?

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