Copse Lake

A small intimate water, full of channels, bays, islands and more, boasting a real mixture of carp strains, a cracking little venue!

Copse Lake

Day ticket, club or syndicate: Exclusive lake booking for up to 4
Realistic catch rate: 1-2 per session
How much: £250 per 48 hours, £700 for a week
How do I get a ticket: Call office at Furzbray on 01769 572653
Skill level to catch: Experienced
How busy is it: Lake booking so just you and friends
Location: South Moulton, Devon
Can you drive to the swims: No
On site facilities: Toilets, showers, tackle shop
Best bait: Good quality boilie and corn
Average size: 20lb plus
Max realistic size: 35lb

Copse Lake

The Copse is a wonderful, stunning, 1.5 acre pond comprising five islands with many connecting bars and channels.

The fish present in this lake have been hand picked by Tony from some of the best carp suppliers in the country. These include VS Fisheries, Priory Fisheries and lower Berryfield Fishery, many strains have been introduced including Liney Dinks, Suttons, Harrows, Dintons and some original Leneys from Berryfield.

There are approximately 50 fish in the Lake with half now over 20lb to a lake record of 34lb and there are 8 swims around the lake with a limit of 4 anglers at one time 5 if it is a whole lake booking.

If you can find some deeper water, it does produce fish because the lake is notoriously shallow, with silt in places

James Armstrong

What is it like?

Copse is set on a wonderful complex of lakes at Furzbray. It is a very clean, well managed fishery with plenty of the basic facilities required for a 48 hour or more session. The Copse itself is around 1.5 acres, but it really is a little maze of features. There are so many areas that you think – that’s where they are. Little quiet bays, sheltered areas on the island, bars, reed beds, all sorts. It really is a wonderful water to keep circling trying to locate your quarry.

The water is coloured so location can be tricky. Yes, believe it or not, that carp aren’t easily pinpointed, well they weren’t on my session especially, due to a sudden influx of water from the severe amounts of rain we experienced. It made the lake more coloured than normal sending large amounts of extra cold water into its depths, making the fishing tricky mainly because I struggled to find them.

The best way to locate them

Keeping on your toes is the best way to pinpoint the Copse Lake carp. They move around a lot, therefore it pays off to keep mobile and your eyes on the water at all times. As I mentioned the water is coloured, therefore you won’t easily spot the dark shapes in the colder months. In the summer months, I am told they are far easier to spot.

I found the best way was to look for slight different tinges in the colour of the water because the carp do send up plumes of silt and clay when they feed which is a telltale sign. I also found bubblers as signs of feeding fish. They don’t show an awful lot so don’t expect aerial displays. They tricky customers, but well worth the challenge because they are stunning specimens that’s for sure.


The carp can be fooled on a range of tactics, the most important thing is to be on them, and get a rig in place without scaring them. As a result, I would use tried and tested methods that you have confidence in. A simple fishmeal based wafter, or whittle down snowman, a sweetcorn presentation, they will all score on here, it’s all about concealing your presence.

Keep your lines pinned to the deck. A fluorocarbon main line will help. Allow it to sink to the lake bed and out the way. Be stealthy and quiet. Stay concealed behind all the shrubbery and don’t make any sudden, noisy movements as they will spook!

I used tiny pop-ups with maggots placed on top, consisting of Ronnie rig presentations. This is what caught me a few fish on my session.


The lake is a real box of chocolates. There are raised bars running from the islands and points sloping down into slightly deeper water of 6ft-7ft. If you can find some deeper water, it does produce fish because the lake is notoriously shallow, with silt in places. Don’t neglect the margins, the fish love to get in the edge in the warmer months in particular.

Copse Lake Rules

  • Micro Barb Hooks only.
  • No Hooks bigger than size 4.
  • No Fixed Leads.
  • No Baitboats.
  • All nuts are banned.
  • Fresh Boilies only, No shelf life bait to be used.
  • No Braided Mainline or Line Under 15lbs to be used.
  • All fish caught are to be returned to the lake, Removal of fish from the site or to different lakes will result in prosecution.
  • No sacking of fish, Except while photography equipment is being set up.
  • All landing nets sling’s and unhooking mats are provided by the fishery.
  • All fish to be returned by Sling or Sack. Do not carry or stand up with the fish unless it is in a sling.
  • No use of the Boat to unless a member of the management is present or given permission, life jackets to be worn
  • No wading to rescue fish unless there is another angler present on the bank if not contact the management.
  • Children under the age of 16, Must be accompanied by an adult at all times. No one under 16 to be left on site.
  • Rods not to be left out unattended.
  • No antisocial behavior at any time.
  • 3 rod limit on Island Lake and Willow, 2 rods only on Copse.
  • No one under the age of 13 fishing on the Island lake or Copse Lake.
  • Fishing from designated swims Only.
  • No Dogs
  • The use of lead core is banned other leaders are fine.
  • All anglers must carry and use a carp medi kit.
  • Any large groups of anglers hiring a lodge to use as a base will be subject to a £200 cleaning & damage deposit refundable after inspection of the property.

Jimmy began his angling on the river Ouse with his father fishing for roach. His passion grew quickly and soon developed a love for big-fish across the globe!


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