Specimen Carp Lake, Anglers Paradise

The 3 acre specimen lake on Anglers Paradise is a low stocked, clear mature lake that has 27 great characters that call it home.

Specimen Carp Lake, Anglers Paradise

Day ticket or syndicate: Holiday venue with syndicate
Realistic catch rate: 1 per session
How much: £400 for 1st year, £200 for 2nd.
How do I get a ticket: On site
Skill level to catch: Intermediate
How busy is it: Always a few swims available
Location: Beaworthy, Devon
Can you drive to the swims: No
On site facilities: Tackle shop, toilets.
Best bait: Corn
Average size: 20lb
Max realistic size: Mid 30's

Specimen Carp Lake, Anglers Paradise

Take crystal clear water, the picturesque aquatic fauna, the mature settings and then throw in some stunning carp… the specimen lake at the renowned Anglers Paradise is a winner!

There are 27 carp in this 3 acre lake ranging from 20lb to mid 30’s, they’re all stunners and well worth the challenge that this venue offers either a syndicate or holiday angler.

Travel light, be prepared to move if it's not working.

Ashley Bunning

The specimen lake on the Anglers Paradise complex is home to 27 pristine carp up to mid 30’s with an average of over 20lb.

This is a lake where you really don’t want to forget your polaroids, having a good pair of Polaroids can really make a difference as you watch the fish patrolling, setting a trap on the route.

Tips for newcomers

Plenty of corn is a real edge when stalking, the fish love it and is very much overlooked these days on the venue. There’s also a few catfish present and corn keeps those away, when using boilie, I’ve had cats to 70lb.

Smaller 9 to 10ft rods like nash scopes will help you get in any nooks and crannies where the fish could be hiding.

I use a heli setup, on nash cling on leader, ronnie rig with a size 2 nash twister and 20lb skin link as the boom section, with a 15mm NashBait citruz pop up.

The fish move a lot and I would always spend time watching before choosing the best peg for the day, if you can find them then as long as you present a sound enough rig to them, they can be caught.

Don’t just set up in the most convenient swim, don’t go finding the fish as they can be found.

One hour in the right place is better than being 23 in the wrong and many people on this lake tend to stick to their guns and stay in a swim that isn’t producing.

Travel light, be prepared to move if it’s not working.

Look at the weather conditions, remember that carp are cold blooded, so will be looking to be comfortable and will be seeking some warmer water, where ever that make be in the lake.

Bring a baiting pole if you can as it’s a real edge when stalking and margin fishing.

Specimen Carp Lake, Anglers Paradise

Bait rules: No nuts, no particles.
Bait boats: No baitboats
Dogs: Not allowed.
Carp care: Fish care liquids, 42 inch net and mat required.
Hook rules: No barbed hooks, minimum size 8 & 10lb line.
Tackle rules: No pole fishing
Mainline: No braid
Other rules: Under 16's must be accompanied by an adult

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