Trinity Lake, Grendon

Set on the Grendon Lakes complex is this wonderful fishery containing a high number of good fish which fishes all-year round

Trinity Lake, Grendon

Day ticket or syndicate: Day ticket , but contact Bevingtons fishery on their Facebook Page
Realistic catch rate: 1-2 fish a session
How much: £25 per night
How do I get a ticket: Contact Bevingtons Fishery on Facebook
Skill level to catch: Intermediate
How busy is it: Quiet midweek, busy at weekends
Location: Grendon, Northamptonshire
Can you drive to the swims: No
On site facilities: Toilets
Best bait: Boilies
Average size: 15lb
Max realistic size: Mid thirties

Trinity Lake

Trinity found on the Bevingtons Fishery as it is also known is a lovely little lake on the Grendon complex. It features two main fishing banks and one of bounds as it divides Trinity Lake and its sister Lucy Lake.

It’s not huge at around 2 acres in size, however, it certainly contains some decent carp to go at with the lake record at over 36lb – a beautiful old mirror known as Orange Spot.

The fish stock is not 100% known.. maybe 100-150 fish with lots and lots of 20's and over 10 x 30's at the right time of year.

Peter Chambers

It’s quite a small lake, just over 2 acres with fishing from only one side. This makes it perfect far margin fishing with every area accessible. There are 8 swims, but in my opinion 6 people is plenty on there.

Swim one in the corner fishes parallel to the far margin. Two and three fish the bowl end of the lake. This is more up and down in depth with some 8ft in the margins. This makes it brilliant for stalking.

The margins then shallow up towards the other end of the lake which makes it difficult to escape from the swans and tufties.  The lake bottom is packed with features. Deep holes, bars and weed beds.

The fish stock is not 100% known.. maybe 100-150 fish with lots and lots of 20’s and over 10 x 30’s at the right time of year. The biggest being Orange Spot at over 36lb and growing fast!

The fish are in lovely condition; from jet black commons to beautiful scaly mirrors. Last time I fished it, the fish were all in the margins (mid may). I used the washing-line method positioned with a baiting pole with a small amount of Pacific Tuna crumb and half baits (just enough for a bite.)

It’s not going to be big-hit fishing, it’s a small lake where the fish are easily disturbed so it is best to fish for one bite at a time. Zigs also work very well on there.. black foam is my choice all year round.

They can normally be found easily in the summer basking, cruising, bubbling and showing.

Trinity will still do fish in the winter. I’ve found solid bags in the middle areas work well as well as zigs around 4-5ft depth. But again, location is key. The end pegs seem to be the hot spots in the summer… and the opposite in the winter.. the middle pegs from the point have good winter form!

Trinity Lake Rules

Are leaders allowed?: No leadcore, lead free leaders or tubing maximum 4ft
Bait rules: No tiger nuts
Hook patterns: No bent hooks, barbless only
Dogs: Dogs on a lead
Mainline: 15lb minimum, no braid
Carp care: Unhooking mats, floating slings only
Can you night fish?: Yes
Fires?: No fires!

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