Sandiway Big Lake, Whitegate, Cheshire

Some of the prettiest surroundings I've ever fished, a real angling challenge

Sandiway Big Lake

Day ticket or syndicate: Club, Members Only
Realistic catch rate: 0-1 per session
How much: £140
How do I get a ticket: Warrington Anglers Association
Skill level to catch: Experienced.
How busy is it: Always pegs available
Location: Whitegate, Cheshire
Can you drive to the swims: Yes
On site facilities: None
Best bait: Anglers choice, just lots of it
Best swim: The Beach, No Carp Corner
Average size: 30lb
Max realistic size: Rumours of 48lb

Sandiway Big Lake, Cheshire

This large 53 acre pit is a challenge, but boasts some of the most beautiful scenery. The stock is low but it is so private and peaceful, it really is a joy to fish. The average fish is around 30lb so if you get a bite it is very likely to be a good one!

There are rumours of very big fish too, with carp to over 48lb having been reported in the past.


In my opinion whole boilies and plenty of them, orange and yellow seem to work

Jason Cowley

The lake is one of the most beautiful that I have ever fished. It can be very weedy in patches and snags are plentiful, so I recommend that you use strong gear! The last thing you want is to wait all that time for a bite only to lose it because you weren’t equipped for it.

Rigs & Bait

I choose to use German rigs of  around 6” length to size 6 curve shanks, along with a pop-up.

In my opinion, whole boilies work very well and plenty of them too, the carp are big and so do respond to a lot of bait. In terms of hook baits, orange and yellow seem to work well.

On the top seems fruitless unless your lucky enough to have them close in, but it is very very rare to get them going on the mixers.

People do make the mistake of not being equipped, there’s big old fish to be had so an appropriate sized net, cradle and waders are essential.

Sandiway Big Lake Rules

Bait rules: None
Dogs: No dogs.
Hooks: Barbless only
Equipment: Spomb floats required
Fish care: No carp sacks, fish care and mat required.
Other rules: Boats and dinghies banned (baitboats allowed)

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