Parco Del Brenta, Italy

An incredible head of huge carp set in the wonderful Italian countryside, every chance of a PB

Parco Del Brenta

Day ticket, club or syndicate: Holiday venue
Realistic catch rate: 10 fish + a session
How much: Contact for price
How do I get a ticket:
Skill level to catch: Intermediate
How busy is it: It is a busy venue
Location: Via Campanello, 19, 35014 San Giorgio In Brenta PD, Italy
Can you drive to the swims: Yes
On site facilities: Cafe, toilets, showers, electric, food and refreshments
Best bait: Boilies, crushed boilies and lots of liquid
Average size: 35-40lb plus
Max realistic size: 88lb

Parco Del Brenta

Parco is managed by local Italian Antonio and his family. The lake itself is around 25-30 acres and incredibly rich in natural food and healthy surroundings, with them thriving on ver de vase shrimp and of course high protein baits. This makes for very quick and large growing fish. All the fish are health certified by the offiologist and come exclusively from Italian farms. This ensure quality control.

The average size carp is huge with numerous specimens over 20kg and at least 11 over 30kg to 38kg (the current record). There are other species present, grasses up to 25kg, some amazing looking koi, sturgeon and American fowl.

I chose peg 22 that's a bay area and I just started off with the normal 10-15 spods on my couple of chosen spots.

Sam Bingham

How do you approach the venue?

Anglers do you use bait boats on Parco, but I am personally not a fan and so, for me,  it was all about regular, consistent baiting. I chose peg 22 that’s a bay area and I just started off with the normal 10-15 spods on my couple of chosen spots.

I just fished for a bite at a time, because I wasn’t aware of how it had been fishing and also how it would fish. I did it this way to prevent overbaiting – you can’t take out what you put in.  As it turns out, the fish for a bite tactic was the right approach and worked perfectly for me. I got action within the first hour of wetting a line and continued from there. If I had not had a bite after a few hours, 3 or 5 top-up spods would normally result in a bite within the hour. Amazing fishing indeed!

What’s the first thing to consider when arriving?

Clearly if you can get on fish, then that’s a good start. It’s the same as anywhere, but with theses week sessions and lakes being busy on holiday venues, I also look at pegs that are consistent week in week out and areas that other people can’t interfere with my angling for the week. To nee honest, that can some times be more important than just being on fish, as they often push into the quieter areas as the week goes on and that was clearly the case with my week.

Bait to try

Small hook baits seem to be the one on this venue. I went in with my boosted up DNA SLK 12mm wafter dumbells in SLK Evo liquid and GLM powdered, tipped with yellow PB pop-up tippers, again boosted up in the matching liquid. I also fished tiny little sticks of the house pellet and crumb.

All of my main boilies were crushed and chopped S7 and SLK. The house pellet was drenched in SLK and S7 and hemp oil liquid, then coated in krill meal. With the lake being a fairly deep average and me not putting loads in at once, I wanted maximum leakage to pull them down, but not loads of food to try and maximise the quick bite.


Rig wise, I always use a size 6 hook, shrink kicker on a Slip D style, with a stiff, fluoro boom section. The total length is around 6in. I like the slip as it lets know if you have been done, as we all experience too regularly,

Parco Del Brenta Rules

Bait rules: No particles or nuts (only ones purchased on site)
Hook patterns: Any
Mainline: No braid, 0.35mm minimum
Carp care: Unhooking mats are provided
How many rods?: 3 per angler
Other rules: No shock leaders, no maggots, no zigs
Are pets allowed?: No pets

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