Oak Lake, Coking Farm Fishery, Dorset

Oak lake, part of the incredible Coking Farm Fishery, offers the chance of a new PB for many anglers, with 24 carp being 30lb + and two over 40lb.

Oak Lake, Coking Farm Fishery, Dorset

Oak Lake is one of the most prolific lakes on the Coking Farm complex, favoured by carp anglers because of its great stock of 30lb plus carp.

At 4 acres, Oak Lake isn’t huge but the islands divide it up well and any pegs with access to these areas are my personal favourite.

Oak Lake Key Details

Tickets: Day ticket or pre-book
How much: £26 for 24 hours, £50 for 48 hours
How to book: On site or book in advance
How busy: Usually a few swims available
Can you drive to swims: Yes
On site facilities: Toilets, tackle shop, showers, food and refreshments.
Average Size: 20lb
Max size: 43lb
Realistic catch rate: 0-3 per session
Best swims: Any with island access
Best rig: Wafter
Best bait: Boilies and lake pellets
Ideal experience level to catch: Intermediate
Fish you could catch here: Carp and Catfish

Most anglers on the lake are happy to give advice and let you know areas of the lake to fish.

Matthew Jordan

You can catch carp from anywhere on oak lake.

The main areas that produce the most fish are the islands and the reedy margins. But don’t avoid trying the middle of the lake too, as there are some really firm areas of the lake where the fish regularly see bait I would always recommend spreading 3 rods in these areas as that can give you a better idea where the fish are.

I wouldn’t recommend making much disturbance in the water as marker floats and lots of leads going in can ruin your chance of a bite. So find out as much information from other anglers and the bailiffs of the areas to fish.

Rig Choice

The lake is very murky as it’s a clay bottom so I would recommend using lots of liquids in your mix which will gives of lots of attraction and gives a massive edge In catching the carp more often.

When it comes to hook bait choice I would recommend using something high attract which leaks of plenty of flavour. The most productive colours I’ve used are yellows, pinks and whites.

As the lake has a barbless only rule I would recommend using a super sharp hook like the Korda kamakura. The most productive rig I found on this lake is a d rig with a fluorocarbon hooklink.

I use a wafter hook bait of around 15mm with a size 4 wide gape or a 12mm dumbell/wafter boilie on a size 6 wide gape. Around 7/8 inches of 15lb fluorocarbon IQ is perfect.

Depending on where you are fishing on lake, Some of the middle can be quiet deep in silt/clay so using a helicopter setup can help as the lead can sink into the bottom and your hook link can still be presented.

I’d recommend using a good stiff material like the Korda boom to kick the hook link away from the lead so it presented.

Pops up can work but it doesn’t seem to be as productive

Bait Choice

Using the house pellet they sell at coking farm is a must as the fish have been bred on this and can help with more bites.

Hookbaits need to given a maximum attraction so it’s always worth soaking them in goo liquids or other high attract liquids as this will help your chances of bites!

The lake sees a lot of boilie go in throughout the year so the fish are use to feeding on this bait.

A wafter rig is perfect as the hook stays flat on the lake bed which makes it super light and helps fly into the fishes mouth. I find it gives the best hook holds for when you’re playing fish on barbless hooks.

Over the years of fishing oak, spodding has never worked well in my opinion.

The shallow depths spook the fish and it completely switches the fishing off. But I have known of people trying it and working for them.

Personally I think less disturbance the more chance you have of catching.

I find that pop ups and snowman rigs don’t work great on the lake but I’m sure people have Caught using them.

I’m summer months start slow don’t go crazy on bait and build up your swim. Use plenty of liquids and house pellet.

Wafter rigs with a 15mm or 12mm hook bait socked in a goo.

In the winter and the fish slow down on feeding , solid bags and single hook bait are great for winter months, again with some liquids to help with attraction. Small hookbaits of around 12mm and smaller are ideal.

I would recommend some 10mm boilies socked in a creamy liquid are the best.

Top 3 Tips

The first thing I would recommend to do is don’t go mad on the bait, the person who was in your swim before you has probably loaded it in so a handful of boilies and pellet at first is more then enough for a bite.

You could be fishing an area the previous angler has been and he’s already put in 2kg of bait there to get you started. If nothing happens in 4 hours add another handful of bait.

I’ve had to sometimes put in as much as 3kg to even start getting bites. But it’s always better starting slow and building it up.

The second advice I would give is be patient don’t keep bringing your rods in and out of water. I tend to leave my rods out all day and re do them around 6pm In summer months and 4pm in winter. The fish need time to come into your area and feel confident feeding. Bringing rods in and making disturbance can ruin chance of a bite

The third bit of advice I would give us use backleads.

The lake is shallow around 4/5feet most and wary carp will spook off is you don’t have your line pinned tight to the bottom. I would recommend slack lines too as again this helps keep evening pinned down.

I use 12lb Korda koutour which hugs the lake bed so well.

Backleads will also help when you play fish near your rod tips so you don’t get tangled with your other rods.

Swim Choice

The lake is always really busy in the summer months and can be busy in winter too. You can book over the phone and chose a peg which is available for the date you want. All the pegs on the lake produce fish at the right times of year so it’s more of what suit you as a angler for peg choice.

By far the best areas are the islands and reeds. The islands are very shallow around 1.5ft. In summer months the fish can be hugging the island so it’s always worth getting a bait as close as you can.

The fish love the reed beds too and I find 1ft to 2ft off them are the best Areas. Fish love to go in and out of reeds searching for food. So these areas are perfect for finding carp.

I’ve fished many of the pegs on oak but personally from my experience pegs 21,23,24,25,31,32,33 and 34 are the better pegs to fish.

These pegs give the most amount of water and most of them give you access to the islands on the lakes. The only pegs that you can’t fish to island is peg 24 and 31. But these are both very good pegs too.

Most anglers on the lake are happy to give advice and let you know areas of the lake to fish. It’s always good if your new to the lake to talk to people as they can help with advice

Oak Lake, Coking Farm Fishery, Dorset

Barbed or barbless?: Barbless only
Any rules on bait?: No nuts
Baitboats allowed?: Yes.
Fish care: Dip nets to be used
Mainline rules: No braid, min 12lb suggested
Other rules: No BBQ's lures or bait fishing for cats

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