North House Lake, Luton AC

A triangular 4-acre lake with lots of marginal features and crystal clear water.

North House Lake, Luton AC

Day ticket or syndicate: Syndicate/Club
How much?: £90 for the year. Extra £40 for a 3rd rod.
How do I get a ticket?: Online or at a local post office.
How busy is it?: Mid-week largely empty, weekends will have a few anglers on even in depths of winter.
Can you drive to the swims?: No
On site facilities: Toilet only.
Nearest tackle shop: Angling Direct, MK.
Average size: Mid doubles
Max realistic size: Mid 30's
Realistic catch rate: 0-3 per session
Best swims: 'Bottleneck'
Best method: PVA Bags
Best bait: Pellet and dull pop ups to avoid wildlife.
Ideal fishing range: Short range.
Strange rules you should know: Never leave the gate open under ANY circumstances.
Skill level to catch: Intermediate
Location: Behind Wyboston Lakes Leisure Complex

North House Lake, Luton AC

My new favourite club venue in the area, North House is a cracking little lake with some mint fish and a great opportunity to catch fish year round.

Behind the Wyboston Lakes complex, it’s well hidden, well maintained and the local anglers are all very friendly, a win win.

Probably the clearest water I have seen in a lake, making it very easy to find the fish, don't forget your polaroids.

- Danny Chapman

With 25 immaculate swims, 5 crystal clear acres and an estimated 150 decent-looking fish up to 35lb to go at, North House hits the right notes as far as I’m concerned and you’ll struggle to get a better ticket for £90 in the region.

Though there are no facilities onsite other than a very well maintained porter loo, it offers anglers a great opportunity for a trophy fish all year round which is what keeps the banks fairly well trodden.

I’ve done 2 48hr sessions on North House, so I’m hardly a regular so far, but I’ve spent a lot of time on the bank talking, watching and learning outside of that time. I can safely say it’s a favourite.

The lush lakes, well kept fences and margins make it a good looker. Though I usually prefer the overgrown look, it ticks that box just about enough for me to be happy and comfortable.

There’s a collection of regular anglers who were very friendly, happy to discuss and talk about their fishing, it felt like a club.

I’ve had a couple of fish so far, both falling to PVA bags on a marginal gravel patch, I literally lowered my rig on to the spot and watched the bag to make sure it was the perfect presentation – I was about 5/6 yards out in 2m of water – it’s honestly that clear.

The great thing about the crystal clear water is the ease of finding fish. Every time I’ve visited I’ve found fish within 10-15 minutes.

You can easily spot the residents with a little bit of elevation, though you’re not allowed to climb the tress, there are a few stumps that help.

I was also able to find patches of bubbles and cloud very easily, if you can’t see the fish in front of you, they’re probably not there.

Tactics wise, the local anglers seem to be happy to put bait in, without a lot of excess so I would suggest doing the opposite, fish for one at a time in the margins or use bags.

I had fish all over my sugary tiger nuts in the margins within minutes one day when I was walking around the lake scoping it out, I was begging for a rod off a local.

A great lake with a lot to offer and I’ve not even mentioned the other lakes you get on the same ticket, more on that to follow.

Some North House residents, thanks to for the pics.

North House Lake Rules

Rules on Tickets: All night-anglers must have pre booked.
Night Fishing: If you can't make your book you must let the bailiff know.
Access Rules: Gates MUST be kept closed at ALL TIMES.
Litter : All litter must be removed from your peg at the site.
Rules on Rods: NO rods to be left unattended.
Access Rules: Anglers must refrain from climbing on or interfering with the fence in any way.
Fires and BBQ's: NO FIRES under any circumstances
Rod Usage: 3 Rods can be used with the right ticket and licenses.
Swim Rules: Some pegs can only be fished if the adjacent pegs are empty.
Age Restrictions: Under 16's must be accompanied by an adult
Lead Rules: No fixed leads to be used.
Bait Rules: No pre-baiting more than one swim
Parking: Parking must only be on the designated spaces, don't block the road.
Swim Rules: Do not fish in the out of bounds area
Climbing Rules: No climbing trees and fences
Gate Rules: Gates must be shut and locked at all times, no excuses.

What you need to catch at North House


Chappers has been angling since he was five and has spent the last 10-years fishing across the World. Catching carp to 60lb, wild Arapaima to 400lbs, Siamese carp over 200lb, Maekong Catfish to 250lb and 100lb Redtail catfish.

Chappers | 6th February 2020