Lake Katlov, Czech Republic

A beautiful, peaceful venue containing some wonderful carp, pike and tench

Lake Katlov

Lake Katlov is located in the Central Bohemian region about 14 km from Kutná Hora and 90 km from Prague. The lake covers an area of 25 hectares its average depth is 2.5 m. The deepest part of the lake is located at the dam with deepness of 4m.

There are also 3 large islands, dozens of underwater bars shallow parts and fields of aquatic plants. There are 17 spots to fish on. I think the best fish population in the Czech Republic. It is not only carp paradise. You can also see pike over 1 meter and tench up to 70 cm. The average size of fish is 15-16 kgs. Realistic catch rate is 5-28 kgs. As it is not overcrowded, it is very peaceful place to fish.

Lake Katlov

Tickets: Day ticket/holiday venue
How much: Permission 1 – 2 days – 42 EUR, permission 3 – 6 days – 38 EUR/day, permission 7 days or more – 33 EUR/day, permission 7 days – 231 EUR
How to book: Via website -
How busy: Always plenty of choice
Can you drive to swims: No, you boat to swims
On site facilities: WC, Shower, kiosk, parking lot and fishing equipment rental.
Average Size: 15-16kg
Max size: 28kg plus
Realistic catch rate: Several a session possible
Best swims: 1, 2, 3, 5, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14
Best rig: Snowman
Best bait: 20mm Boilies
Ideal experience level to catch: Intermediate

If you want to make your dreams come true, or just spend your vacation fishing, definitely visit the lake

Claudia Darga

What is it like to fish there?

It is a really special place for every single fisherman. The lake is located next to a forest, which gives you feeling you are in the middle of nowhere. It is a real challenge, even for a well experienced fisherman to catch something.

What baits would you recommend?

When you would ask the locals they might suggest you use their own brand Katlov Baits. The fish are used to these boilies. I fished there with the bait from Dynamite Baits, which worked out quite well. But, when it comes to bait, I would always recommend use the bait you trust in.

If you could give new anglers fishing the venue 3 tips what would they be?

-Proper watercraft
-Fish differently to others

-Be patient

What sort of angler would love/hate the venue?

Everybody who loves nature and cleanliness would love Lake Katlov.

Are there any tactics that simply do not work?

Zig rigs are not the right way to fish there as I got told by some anglers, as well as the fishing rangers. Therefore, I never tried it out as it doesn’t get recommended.

Does it get busy and when? What can people expect when they turn up to fish in terms of angling pressure?

It gets very busy over the entire year, despite the fact the lake is owned by Jakub Vagner, nevertheless there is only 17 pegs the pressure is not that high as you could thought to be.

In 200 words or less, what is your overall verdict of the venue?

After my opinion, the lake is definitely not the right place for beginners. It might look easy but you need to have some experience to be successful. If you are looking for a new place which is not that easy to fish Lake Katlov is the right choice. If you want to make your dreams come true, or just spend your vacation fishing, definitely visit the lake. The crew is doing their best that your vacation is priceless. That’s why I return that often there.

Please tell us about your tutorial service and vacancy at the lake?

The Team at the lake also offer tutorial service for all their customers who are not as experienced. They solve these things individualy. You just need to contact them in advance, that’s it.

Lake Katlov

Fish care: Must have carp care and unhooking mat. Fish over 15kg only photographed in water.
Hooks: No longshanks
Bait rules: Boilies, prepared particles and pellets only
Other rules: No braided shockleaders, no raptor fish to be targeted

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