Plashuis, Nieuwkwoop, Holland

At nearly 70 acres Plashuis is a very interesting water boasting all sorts of features and plenty of carp to over 45lb

Het Plashuis

Day ticket, club or syndicate: Holiday venue
Realistic catch rate: 3-5 per session can be more
How much: 300€ per week: 170€ per midweek; 150€ per weekend, boat inclusive (exclusive lake bookings possible)
How do I get a ticket:
Skill level to catch: Intermediate
How busy is it: Lots of space
Location: Nieuwkoop, Holland
Can you drive to the swims: Swims accessed by boat other than 1 or 2
On site facilities: Shower, toilets, clubhouse with food etc, tackle box
Best bait: Boilies
Average size: 20lb plus
Max realistic size: 45lb

Het Plashuis

Het Plashuis is a large water of around 70 acres in size and is situated between Utrecht and Amsterdam which borders the Green Hard of “Zuid-Holland”.

The lake itself boasts features aplenty; lilies, reed-lined margins, islands, plus more on this intriguing Dutch venue. There is of course plenty of carp too!

Due to the make up of the lake, you do have to access swims by boat, other than 1 and 2 which are near to the clubhouse and presented on comfortable wooden platforms.

The lake is never busy because there are only nine swims to choose from, which is fantastic.

James Armstrong

What’s it like?

Due to the unique layout of the lake, swims have to be accessed by boat. The lake is never busy because there are only nine swims to choose, which is fantastic. Each swim is full of features to fish to and there is enough room for two bivvies in them making it great for socials or holidays with friends.

Swims 1,4,5 and 7 are doubles, whereas 1 angler can book swims 2,3 and 6. The Pontoon swims is a floating swim located near the peninsula in front of swim 1. From this one you can fish 360 degrees.

It’s a double swim, although too small for 2 bivvies, but can be booked by one angler too. The “Pontoon” is 4 meters by 6 meters big. Swim 1 and 2 have free electricity and on swim 9 is a double bivvy installed which can be used free of charge.

Swims 1 and 2 are accessible by foot; the other swims only have access by boat.

All swims have a wooden boat that is included in the price, from which ground baiting and placing of hook links is allowed.

How to fish it

There are a number of ways to target the carp that reside in Plashuis, but simple tactics score best. They love boilies so target them with a simple boilie approach – crushing them up, and introducing them whole scores well with a hair rig over the top. Baits such as Mainline Cell work well here as does CC Moore Live System.

Due to the colour of the water, a bright tipper can get you a bite when standard bottom baits are failing so give that a try too.

The lake bed is made up of mostly clay and silt so there’s no need for fancy lead systems. A simple lead clip or helicopter is suffice, but remember there are lots of lilies so at times you may need to drop the lead.

The best advice is to get on the fish, so keep your eyes peeled and should you need to move, then do so, it is very easy in the boat.

There are loads of features on the lake, so fish near to lilies, reed beds etc because they all produce plenty of fish.

Fish in Plashuis

Het Plashuis Rules

Bait rules: None
Hook patterns: Barbed or barbless
Mainline: Braided main line IS allowed
Carp care: No sacks, carp care kits are a must as are LARGE mats
Other rules: Domestic animals allowed on a lead
Are bait boats allowed?: Yes


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