Sandmartin Lake, Bluebell Lakes

One of the most underrated lakes in the area, often quiet, it has done fish to over 45lb.

Sandmartin Lake Key Details

Day ticket or syndicate: Day ticket
How much?: Day ticket £15, night ticket up to £37.50 for 4 rods
How do I get a ticket?: No booking required. Purchase tickets in shop before session.
How busy is it?: One of the quieter lakes on the complex.
Can you drive to the swims?: To some swims.
On site facilities: Tackle shop, toilets and showers
Nearest tackle shop: On site
Average size: 20lb plus
Max realistic size: 40lb plus
Realistic catch rate: 1 to 2 fish per session
Best swims: There are no best swims but the bank near the concrete platform can be very productive
Best method: Fishing with boilies and particles on the bottom with pop-ups over the top.
Best bait: Yellow pop-ups.
Ideal fishing range: 50-80yrd.
Strange rules you should know: Barbless hooks only. No maggots. No nuts, chickpeas or trout pellets. Minimum age for fishing is 16.
Skill level to catch: Intermediate.
Location: Tansor, Oundle, Peterborough, PE8 5HP.

Sandmartin Lake, Bluebell Lakes

Often the quietest lake on the complex, Sandmartin is home to some incredible fish that are less pressured than others on the complex.

Anglers doing quick overnighters and day sessions are regularly putting fish on the bank, something that can’t be said about the other lakes on Bluebells.


Sandmartin is the most underrated lake on Bluebells

- James Armstrong

What do I need to know?

Sandmartin is one of the most under-rated of all the lakes at Bluebell, meaning that quite often it will be the quietest of them all yet it can often throw up some incredible looking carp to over 45lb!

It’s one of the prettiest and most mature boasting deep troughs in the middle and plenty of close-in features that the carp love to frequent.

The lake shelves down in the margins to a deeper gulley about 30/40 yards out all the way round, then rises up again into the middle.

Zig rigs can work very effectively in the middle areas, especially using shades of yellow, all year round.

There’s a very prominent gravel area a short cast from the concrete bank on the eastern bank, this has been the hotspot of many good anglers over the years as well as the inviting margins in the secluded south-western corner.

If you’re looking for a lake that’s a little quieter but yet yields the chance of a whacker then Sandmartin would be a very enjoyable choice.


Don’t go to the Sandmartin without these:


Jimmy began his angling on the river Ouse with his father fishing for roach. His passion grew quickly and soon developed a love for big-fish across the globe!

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