Carp Fishing Tutorials with James Armstrong

Here's your chance to learn new tactics and techniques with James Armstrong on his enjoyable tutorials...

What will you learn?

James offers a whole host of lessons on his tutorials and generally tailors them to suit your requirements and what you need to improve on.

Rigs and Set Ups

Bait choice and application



Hook sharpening

Fish safety

Together you will cover things such as casting, feeling the lead down, spod and marker work, hook sharpening, margin fishing, open water fishing, fish safety, plus a whole lot more depending on your experience, ability and wants.

He offers 24, 48 and 72 hour sessions (by request) typically at Stanwick Lakes in Northamptonshire.

My tutorials are all about sharing my carp fishing knowledge to ultimately make you a better angler. If we can catch a couple along the way, even better!

James Armstrong

Tutorial Prices

Location: Stanwick Lakes, Northamptonshire
24hr Price: £350 1 person £250pp based on 2 people
48hr Price: £550 1 person £450pp based on 2 people
Dates Available: Email:
What's Included: Tutorial, bait and end tackle

Who am I?

I have been fishing since a young lad, going through my angling apprenticeship the right way, having learnt from my father from the tender age of 8 years old. I used to cycle, with rods tied to my bike, down to the local river fishing floating crust for chub and whatever was willing to take the bait. One day I’d be chubbing, the next I’d be swinging in roach on a whip. It allowed me to experience and learn the art of true watercraft, appreciate nature and distinguish different methods to catch different species – something that really helped in making me the angler I am today.

As I grew up, and I kept progressing in my angling, I soon wanted to keep catching bigger, and a specimen hunter was born.

To this day, I still love catching fish of all sizes, but it’s the biggest ones that swim that really light my fire and so carp are my first love. I will dabble for large perch come winter, but it’s the carp that I’m really known for.

I have worked in the carp angling trade since I was 20; beginning with Total Carp, moving onto Korda Developments and finally CC Moore. Combining all three companies, I have learnt from some of the best carp anglers in the country putting many of the methods, tips and tricks into my own angling – ultimately making me a very complete carp angler in a range of guises.

I am now self-employed as a professional angler and tutor, and believe that my experience within the trade and my own angling has helped me do this.

Who This Tutorial Will Suit

My tutorials suit all manner of anglers; from beginner to experienced. I have been carp fishing for nearly 25 years and so have a lot of knowledge to share. My ultimate goal is to make you a more competent, confident angler so that you can go away and catch fish consistently on your own.

We will target the banks of Stanwick Lakes; a fishery providing everything we could possibly need. We have several lakes to choose from, depending on your needs. So whether you’re looking to beat a PB, want to learn the art of stalking or surface fishing, or simply require a spodding masterclass, there’s a water to suit.


What You’ll Learn

If you have any specific requirements for the tutorial I will be happy to discuss these prior to the session and create a remit to follow. I like my tuitions to have structure and so we will closely follow a plan to maximise our time and give you maximum bang for your buck, along with a carp or two (although I can’t promise this!).

I am a specialist in hook sharpening, watercraft and surface fishing although I have very good knowledge in all aspects of carp angling having fished for so long with some of the countries finest carp anglers.

Short Tutorial Film With Pupil