Wraysbury One North Lake, Surrey

An iconic venue steeped in history, Wraysbury contains some truly amazing carp

Wraysbury One North Lake, Surrey

W1 holds legendary status in the angling world and by the 1980’s and 1990’s was serving up a succession of huge carp weighing from 40lb to a massive 56lb+. Since the 1960’s, the water has seen many a record-breaking carp landed. Most celebrated was the 1996 capture of long-term resident Mary at a whopping British record of 55lb 13oz.

Along with other iconic specimens such as Mallin’s and The Pug, monster Mary is indelibly linked with this magical water – turning it from an ordinary lake into the stuff of angling legend. W1 has over 14 different 40Ibs fish including ‘King Fungus’ at an enormous 47Ibs 12oz.

Wraysbury One North Lake

Tickets: Syndicate
How much: £1000
How to book: Apply (waiting list) www.rkleisure.com
How busy: Not very busy
Can you drive to swims: No
On site facilities: Toilets and showers
Average Size: 20 plus
Realistic catch rate: 1-2 a session
Best swims: It depends on the season really, fish can be found in most places
Best rig: Blowback presentation
Best bait: Sweetcorn
Max size: 49.12 (Mike's Pet)

Reader Approved | 28th June 2020

Make sure you spend time leading up to find the nice clean spots as it’s really weedy

Jamie Standbridge

What is it like?

Wraysbury One is a lake at 45 acres which allows all sorts of different styles of angling; like snag fishing, long-range open water fishing, all sorts. It has loads of features like big weed beds and gravel bars with a great stock of big carp and lots of back up carp. It is a place that is particularly enjoyable to fish.

How should you fish it?

The lake boasts an untold amount of features and you should therefore spend time getting to know the contours of the lake bed. The depths, the bars, the silty troughs and most importantly the huge weed beds that are present. I recommend a marker float approach for this to pinpoint those clearings. Make a note in the your phone and use the wrapping method to be accurate. That way you can build a diary of the lake bed for future sessions.

I prefer to fish for a bite at time, rather than piling it in expecting big hits. Although this can happen, it is by no means a runs water. Consequently, don’t bait too heavy, a few spombs of bait to begin with, then take it from there.

I personally like a mixture of bollies, hemp, sweetcorn and pellets. Many are fairly young fish and have been reared on this sort of baiting concoction. It boasts the attraction and the colour profile!

Simple blow back style rigs complete with strong tackle and small hookbaits is all that’s required, nothing complicated. I have done particularly well using double fake sweetcorn hook baits.

Tackle wise my go-to are size 4 Wide Gape hooks with 20lb N-Trap Semi Stiff around 7in long.


The out of bounds area always holds lots of carp, and the bigger open water swim due to being able to get away from angling pressure.

Sweetcorn and pellets seem to work really well as there are a lot of young fish in there.

Try and find get in the shallower water and fish for a bite at a time.

Wraysbury One North Lake - Rules

Barbed or barbless?: Barbed only
Are there any rules on hooks: No bent hooks, fixed leads or long shank curved hooks are permitted
Any rules on bait?: Maggots are not allowed
Baitboats allowed?: No bait boats
Fish care: Unhooking mats compulsory
Mainline requirements: 15lb line minimum
Other rules: Carp care kits are compulsory

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