Wintons Fishery, Sussex

Wintons Fishery has a great atmosphere amongst the owners, staff and members, it's a friendly venue with big cats.

Wintons Fishery, Sussex

A safe and friendly catfish lake in Sussex with cats up to 90lb.

With a decent stock, a great atmosphere and angling community make Wintons Fishery a winner in my book.

Wintons Fishery, Sussex

Tickets: Club membership
How much: £60 per year plus day ticket
How to book: Before you go
How busy: Can be super busy
Can you drive to swims: No
On site facilities: Tackle shop, toilets, showers
Average Size: 45lb
Realistic catch rate: 3-5 per session
Best swims: All can produce
Best method: Feed light and use proven baits
Best bait: Pellets
Max size: 90lb

Ask around, see what has been coming out, we cat boys are not secret squirrels!

Alan Honeyman

Rigs and Tactics

Most of the standard cat baits work at Wintons on their day, from the halibut pellets, meat, squid and livebait caught from the lakes are allowed.

Dedicated cat tackle is a must. 4 or 5lb test curve rods, 30lb line, mono only, no braided mainline.

Heavy baiting is counter productive. If your bottom bait fishing a handful of halibut pellets and smaller food offerings is enough, each time you take the boat out. Keep it simple.

Wintons Fishery

Simple hair rigs tied with a good strong braid hook link, such as Catmaster RT work for me, strong barbless hooks such as Eagle Waves, Catmaster RT pellet hooks, sized to suit the bait. I like to keep it strong and simple, these cats test all your tackle.

Trokar Eagle Claw Octopus hooks are used under my MSR for live baits, as sharp as they come and the gape is wide enough to dorsal hook a live with plenty of point showing.

There are a few favoured pegs, however, all can produce on the day.

Most catfish baits work well, as it is a two rod limit on the venue I tend to fish one on pellet and one on chorizo, both with a yellow pop up for a bit of visibility, cats can pick out colours at night, it is a misconception that they are nearly blind.

Speak to the bailiffs, have a wander around the lake and chat to the anglers, people are quite happy to discuss tactics.

Wintons Fishery

Equipment and Tackle

Keep it strong and simple, if the cats are feeding, most baits will pick them up, a lot of anglers never vary from a pellet approach and have multiple catches.

Fish care being paramount I would firstly say a dedicated catfish mat is essential.

A big weigh sling too, I use the Tracker XXL retainer.

Definitely dedicated catfish rods and reels, there’s no point in hooking a PB, only to leave it in the water.

Wintons Fishery, Sussex

Are there any rig rules: No braided mainlines, min 15lb line, no leadcore
Are there any rules on barbed hooks: Barbless only
Any rules on bait?: No nuts, no lures
Fish care: Min 50 inche net, cradle and large mats needed
Other rules: No dogs

Reader Approved

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