River Dove, Tutbury, Staffordshire

Miles of fast flowing, shallow runs and deep glides to explore in beautiful surroundings.... can't help but love the Dove.

River Dove, Tutbury, Staffordshire

An 8 mile stretch of beautiful river Dove, boasting a range of species to go at; from barbel, to chub, roach, grayling and dace. It’s the barbel and chub that are particularly appealing because they grow to specimen sizes, the barbel to over 15lb and chub to over 7lb.

River Dove, Tutbury

Tickets: Club
How much: £100
How to book: Purchase on site
How busy: Not very busy
Can you drive to swims: No
On site facilities: None
Average Size: A good size average for all species
Max size: 15lb
Realistic catch rate: 1-2 per session
Best swims: Any can produce
Best rig: Simple leger, feeder rig
Best bait: Flavoured meat with hemp and ground bait
Ideal experience level to catch: Intermediate
Fish you could catch here: Barbel, chub, roach, grayling and dace

I typically fish the venue after heavy rain when the river is still coloured, but is fining down, this seems to be a great time for it

Adrian Chowns

The best way to tackle this beautiful river is utilising a mobile, roaming approach with just one rod. My preference is to feed a few likely looking swims, then fish them for an hour or so and move on.

I typically fish the venue after heavy rain when the river is still coloured, but is fining down, this seems to be a great time for it. Tactics and presentations don’t need to be complicated. Leger tactics with big pieces of meat anchored to the bottom is my favourite approach.

Generally, I will use a heavy swimfeeder loaded with hemp and groundbait with a 2 to 3ft hooklength. Reel lines and hooklengths need to be robust to stand up to the pressure and power of the strong fighting barbel, so I wouldn’t normally use anything less than 12lb mainline and a 10lb hooklength, either flurocarbon or uncoated braid. Hook sizes vary from size 6’s for single boilies to size 2’s for larger baits such as a big lump of meat. Keep an eye on your rod because the bites can be vicious!

Top Tips

Stay mobile, find some slack water, use a smelly, meaty bait. Flavoured meat provides a higher level of attraction.

Always consider the water levels, water colour, time of day and weather conditions

Find a crease that is formed when the faster water meets slower, deeper water and fish that area, even better if it has some overhanging trees or bushes.


After a summer flood, I would wait for the river to start fining down and fish a feeder and meat approach. If you are fishing it on low clear levels then I would adopt a waggler and maggots approach, staying mobile and trying a few different swims during the session.


Breadflake, cheespaste and sweetcorn come into play more during the winter, particularly if you are targeting the larger chub!


River Dove, Tutbury

Barbed or barbless?: Either
Any rules on bait?: None
Fish care: Mats and liquids as standard.
Other rules: No dogs

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