Naseby Reservoir

An underrated expanse with character and over 10,000 minters averaging high double-figures

Naseby Reservoir

Day ticket or syndicate: Day ticket and a night syndicate
How much?: £6 for 1 rod, £10 for 2. £2-300 for the syndicate.
How do I get a ticket for Naseby?: On the bank, call 07904 493 417 for syndicate info.
How busy is Naseby Reservoir?: Busy in summer and weekends, quiet mid week.
Can you drive to the swims?: No
On site facilities: None
Nearest tackle shop: Kettering
Average size: Doubles
Max realistic size: Low 30's
Realistic catch rate: 3-10 per day
Best swims: Point and as far down the left arm or right side as you can
Best method: Singles at range
Best bait: Northern specials
Ideal fishing range: 150 yards
Strange rules you should know: No waders or wellies is no fishing, not seen it enforced.
Skill level to catch: Beginner/Intermediate
Location: Naseby, Northamptonshire, a14 Junction 1

Naseby Reservoir

One of our favorite locations in Northamptonshire is Naseby Reservoir, a 90 acre (when full) pit stocked over a decade ago with 12,500 carp.

Though it is a runs water, it does have a certain ‘feel’ that only carp anglers will know about. It can be easy, it can be  tougher at times and the fish won’t come to you in an expanse of water.

There are also some really nice wild carp around that show themselves every now and again – these are usually pristine dark commons of around 20lb.

A great venue for a bend in the rod and exploring like a kid when the water is high. Travel light, fish singles and don't forget the waders to get an extra 30 yards!

- Danny Chapman

What do I need to know?

Naseby reservoir is great for roach over 2lb, pike that tip 30lb, catfish which reach over 100lb and the carp which average well into double figures with 20’s caught regularly and the odd 30 showing up.

Carp have been caught nearer 40lb but these are hard to target and you’ll have to be extremely lucky to get in front of one – though we’re sure there are several fish of this calibre present.

Great for a bend in the rod in winter and prolific in all other months, catches over 10 carp in a 24-hour period are common.

In the Winter months the damn wall and the old boat house are your best bet.

Fishing at range is a winner

For the rest of the year get your casting gear out and fish the left arm (on approach) or as far down the right hand side as you can get as both points of the lake are where they carp will shoal up.

When the water is really low at Naseby Reservoir you may be allowed round the far point, if you can get there take one rod and hold on tight as you’ll see shoals of hundreds of carp in a foot or two of water.

For years the best tactic I have seen and used there is a simple one, helicopter or chod rig set up with a white small pop up fished as close to the far bank as possible.

Don’t be shy about ‘plugging’ the lead in a foot of water on the far bank, pointing your rod to the sky, tight lines with the butt in the sand and watching for the explosion before your rod tip bends round – these have been my best days and have accounted for over 30 fish on a day session.

Don’t go to Naseby Reservoir without these:

What bait should I take?

Bait wise I would never go there without a pot or two of white Northern Specials from CC Moore.

If you prefer to set up closer in or can’t cast to the far bank then I would suggest you fish the first few pegs to the left or right of the damn wall and use a bed of pellets and boilies in the near third, just off the weed beds on the near bank, don’t go heavy though and they are not particularly fond of the spod in my experience.

Though some use them,  bait boats are a no go for me, it will take you ages to get to the far bank and the winds can whip up a storm.

The pole works well for the roach from the damn wall, typical tactics with maggots and pellet up in the water are always effective.

Though he catfish are present, they are typically very hard to catch and very seasonal, you can spend months blanking and then get 2 or 3 in a night. Big pellets are a must to avoid the carp, the damn wall is the hot spot although I’ve personally hooked a couple down the left arm in the summer months on boilie.

The pike are always a problem for roach anglers and can be caught all over with live and dead baits, the damn wall is the best option for the bigger specimens.

Be sure to check in on the water levels if we’ve had a wet period as if this really impacts the fish feeding habits as well as making it difficult to find a peg.  Here’s my peg on one of those days where I forgot to check first.

naseby flooded


Chappers has been angling since he was five and has spent the last 10-years fishing across the World. Catching carp to 60lb, wild Arapaima to 400lbs, Siamese carp over 200lb, Maekong Catfish to 250lb and 100lb Redtail catfish.

Chappers | 29th November 2019