Millbrook Fishery, Stoke on Trent

A well managed and spotless fishery in Stoke with some stunning carp to be caught.

Millbrook Fishery, Stoke on Trent

Millbrook Fishery is a great 4.5 acre venue giving you the chance to fish close range right under the rod tip or fishing tight to islands.

The management is spot on and always there to help and give tips if you need or want.

The pegs are spotless and there is plenty of space between pegs, with useful are markers around the lake where your zones are which is a great thing to have for a small intimate lake.

Millbrook Fishery, Stoke on Trent - Key Details

Tickets: Day ticket
How much: £60
How to book: Before you go
How busy: Usually busy
Can you drive to swims: No
On site facilities: Toilets and showers
Average Size: Mid doubles
Realistic catch rate: 1-3
Best swims: Pegs 1 and 2
Best rig: PVA bags and Ronnie Rigs
Best bait: DNA Milky Malt
Max size: 40lb

Reader Approved | 28th June 2020

The fish tend to patrol the islands and feed tight up to it so always fish as tight as you can.

Scott Preece

Peg choice is done on a draw basis, so if youre lucky enough to get a good pick, go for a peg where you can fish to the corner of an island as tight as possible.

The fish tend to patrol the islands and feed tight up to it. So always fish as tight as you can.

DNA milky malt wafters have been doing the trick for me, in combination with solid bags so I’d always start off using bags, fishing tight to the islands.

In my PVA are 4 inch supernatural braid, it’s really supple and perfect inside a bag, that with a size 6 widegape.

If you can get on peg 1 or 2 then definitely start there, the draw doesn’t allow much freedom but it keeps it nice and simple.

Tips for Millbrook

The biggest tip I could give everyone who is fishing Millbrook is to make sure you’re as tight to the island as possible, a couple of feet off is not good enough, get within inches and you will have a far better chance.

Secondly I’d say keep an eye out for showing fish, a well placed PVA bag or Ronnie rig over the top of it can produce.

Lastly, don’t ignore the shallows, in the Summer they will be tucked up in there.

Millbrook Fishery, Stoke on Trent - Rules

Are there any rules on barbed hooks: Barbless only
Any rules on bait?: No nuts, maggots, lures or shelf life boilies
Fish care: Dip nets, unhooking mats and nets provided.
Other rules: No bait boats or dogs

Reader Approved

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