Elphicks Prairie Lake, Horsmonden

A big-fish day ticket water set in the heart of Kent with a large number of specimen carp to over 40lb

Elphicks Prairie Lake

Prairie Lake is pretty new to the Elphicks circuit of waters. In 2016 it was drained down and the stock was hand selected meaning there are some truly beautiful fish in its depths.

There are now approximately 170 carp in the three-acre lake, including 20 30s and a 40. Almost every other fish is 20lb or above, save for a few prettier examples at upper doubles.

Elphicks Prairie Lake

Tickets: Day ticket
How much: £35 per night
How to book: Before you go - www.elphicks-fisheries.co.uk
How busy: Plenty of space due to booking system
Can you drive to swims: No
On site facilities: Cafe, tackle shop, toilets, showers, food and refreshments
Average Size: 20lb plus
Max size: 40lb plus
Realistic catch rate: 1-2 per session
Best swims: They all fish well at the right time, but try targeting the island or reeds
Best rig: Simple lead clip system
Best bait: CC Moore Live System
Ideal experience level to catch: Intermediate
Fish you could catch here: Perch, but it's mainly a specimen carp water

The fish are huge so they consume a lot of bait, therefore on longer session you can really experience a hit of big fish if they get on you.

Teddy Lyman Tahir

The size of the average fish in this venue is superb. However, there are actually 7 lakes on the complex with 3 of them providing carp to 50lb and 40’s in the others, it really is a premier big-fish venue in Kent.

There are 14 swims on the lake but the fishery only allows 10 anglers on at once. You can just turn up and fish, but night fishing has to be booked, and it’s worth phoning in advance to check availability.

The water isn’t huge and the fish can therefore be located reasonably easily. Look for fish showing, bubblers and other tell tale signs. The island is a huge feature and most of the time the fish use it as a patrol route.

If fishing just a short session, I have found solid bag tactics to be very successful, casting them at showing fish with high attract wafters over the top. This can nick bites when all else if failing.

On longer session, an out and out boilie approach can work. The fish are huge so they consume a lot of bait, therefore on longer session you can really experience a hit of big fish if they get on you. Feed little and often with a high quality fishmeal. I have always found that heavily glugged bottom baits work well this this approach, just to give off a little more leakage.

In the height of the summer months, and boiling hot weather, if all else is failing don’t exclude zig-rig tactics because they can be a real winner.

In the colder months, the fish seem to like pellet and hemp with small boilies. Moving into the warmer months it’s hemp and corn, with boilies. Spodding out a patch of bait does work well.

Overall, it is very safe place to fish, the front gates get locked and there is no way of accessing the fishery from around it. Also, the bailiffs regular check their guests to make sure everyone’s okay and in good health.

Top Tip

Anglers doing their own thing will catch, but as a starting point I’d probably suggest having two rods on a baited area and one roaming.


Elphicks Prairie Lake

Barbed or barbless?: Barbless Only
Any rules on bait?: No nuts
Fish care: All nets must be dipped
Other rules: No dogs, no bait boats

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