Burghfield Blue Pool, Berkshire

Burghfield Blue Pool is one of the most iconic venues in the Uk in my opinion. Crystal clear waters, secluded and peaceful location, and of course full of pristine dark scaley carp.

Burghfield Blue Pool, Reading, Berkshire

The Blue Pool, known by anglers all over is one of the most iconic venues in carp fishing.

The dark scaley carp to over 40lb see angler flock from all over to its peaceful and secluded banks.

Catching a fish. at Blue Pool is a great day, the stock isn’t huge but it makes up for it in personality.

Burghfield Blue Pool, Reading, Berkshire

Tickets: Lake exclusive booking
How much: £200 for 24 hours
How to book: Book before you go
How busy: Hard to find a spot in peak times
Can you drive to swims: No
On site facilities: Toilets
Average Size: 20lb
Max size: 40lb
Realistic catch rate: 1 per session
Best rig: Wafters
Best bait: Boilies
Ideal experience level to catch: Intermediate

Locate the fish, keep quite, you will find these carp tight in the margins.

Joe Dolling

The best way to approach this venue is to locate the fish, keep quite, you will find these carp tight in the margins, trickle bait into margin areas and check regularly to see if the bait has gone.

If one area of the lake is not being fished I can guarantee the fish will move to these areas, like with most waters. The lake is very weedy in the main part so be prepared to do plenty of leading around to find clear spots, but there are plenty in the margins.

My captures all came on A2 baits tutti fruity, being bright orange they stand out very well in the clear water, the the visual alone helps draw the fish down to investigate the area.

A standard hair rig, fishing wafters. Personally I use Korda n-trap, as I feel this give a nice presentation and is soft enough to take up the contours on the bottom.

I don’t think it’s a matter of rigs here, it’s more being able to present them effectively in the weed. But a wafter will sink slowly and rest on top of the weed.

If I could give anglers 3 top tips it would be focus on location and fish where you see them, check the margins often and bait choice is paramount.

Most areas hold fish for different reasons, but the swim known as Korda corner normally produces the most fish, infront there are plenty of bush’s that the fish tend to hold up in.

Burghfield Blue Pool Rules

Barbed or barbless?: Barbless only
Any rules on bait?: No nuts
Fish care: Mats, suitable nets and fish care required
Other rules: No bait boats, read other rules on website

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