Blakemere Lake

A spacious, large mere containing over 200 carp and a real mixture of strains to mid thirties

Blakemere Lake

Day ticket or syndicate: Day ticket
Realistic catch rate: 1-2 fish
How much: Prices for a day ticket are £30 per 24 hours (min stay is 24 hours) with bookings from 8am or 8pm onwards. After the 1st 24 hours bookings are made in 12 hours intervals at £15 per 12 hours.
How do I get a ticket:
Skill level to catch: Intermediate
How busy is it: Plenty of room, lake bookings only for up nine
Location: Whitchurch, Shropshire
Can you drive to the swims: No
On site facilities: Toilets, Take Aways Available
Best bait: Boilies, CC Moore Pacific Tuna
Average size: 20lb Plus
Max realistic size: 35lb

Blakemere Lake

Set in the beautiful countryside of Shropshire, Cheshire border, is Blakemere – just 2km from the small market town of Whitchurch.

It is privately owned and has been developed by owner Dave over a number of years – it was his lifelong ambition as an angler to own his own lake.

He now offers this awesome day ticket providing sport away from the crowds in beautiful surroundings.

The ultimate vision of Blakemere is to provide a fishery that has the potential to improve customers PB’s at any time.

Fishery Address : Blakemere, Black Park Road, Whitchurch, Shropshire, SY13 4JP  email

Follow the wind, especially a new change of wind to a Westerly of Southwesterly which blows towards the reeds swim


The Lake & Stock

The lake, which is around 8 acres in size, holds some wonderful carp with a record that goes nearly 35lb, a further 11 fish over 30lb and another 25 over 25lb.

It is fed by two stream and two land drains. There is a large outlet approx 8ft to 10ft wide and 300m long. It’s a very interesting place!

Features are abundant; with lilies, large reed beds at both ends (which are carp magnets), and also reeds to the side of all swims. The lake is mature all round containing lots of foliage.

The bottom of the lake is very even and fairly featureless meaning that finding the fish is the ultimate key to catching. The lake bed is quite soft, with very little weed or chod. Other than the pads and island, the main features are the drop-offs at approximately one rod length out which are steep and the fish definitely patrol them at times.

Open water is around 11-12ft deep at the East End sloping gradually up to around 6ft towards the outlet end.  The fish do show regularly in the open water due to some large natural bloodworm beds that they feed on regularly.

The lake Blakemere was referred to years ago as the Black Mere due to its peaty water colour. It is very, very old, formed in the ice ages along with most of the other Shropshire meres.

Just Some Of The Stock

Tips for catching at Blakemere

Follow the wind, especially a new change of wind to a Westerly of Southwesterly which blows towards the reeds swim. Sometimes, the fish will follow it straight away, but after a couple of days they will move back off it again.

Like may venues, first light is prime time for a bite. Consequently, I recommend getting the rods out straight away, before the bivvy goes up, time is of the essence. The first hour of fishing will often get you a bite and an extra fish that you may miss if you are not casting out until 9am.

In terms of bait, spreading Boilies via a throwing stick or Spomb seems like the most effective method rather than dumping a load of particles onto the spot. The fish keep on the move this way searching and working hard for baits. CC Moore Pacific Tuna is a real winner here!

The pads are very tough so don’t fish too tight, unless of course you are locked up and on your rods using a rig that ensures the lead drops. The lake bed shelves quickly away from the pads so a rod placed here is a very good bet to target. It’s very smooth so a rig can be presented with ease.

Rigs wise, the bottom is pretty smooth with no weed, so bottom baits can be used. A small PVA bag or stringer with boilies, just to present tangles and keep things straight will often score.

Zig rigs aren’t very effective here for some reason, probably due to the lack of clarity in the water, it’s quite murky. Strange because many of the fish can be located off the bottom when using Deepers or when the lake has been used with a boat by the owner.

Open water can be king

The open water is very productive at the right time and the fish will show first thing in the morning and also into the evening – they do show occasionally in the day if the weather is right, windy and overcast. They aren’t really your boshers, they tend to roll fairly quietly so keep your eyes peeled for shows. If you do see one, get a rod on it!

Nightmare seagulls

Our feathered devils can be a real nightmare here, so it’s best to spod or spomb your boilies out, or if fishing close enough put multiple baits into a catapult. They will hammer you if you use a throwing stick (unless its going dark) so please bear this in mind when baiting up.

Other stuff

If you are bringing a partner, or child, why not put a light float rod in. There are tons of Roach, Rudd and Perch and will keep them busy all day with just a pint or so of maggots.


Blakemere Rules

Number 1 rule – Barbless hooks on ALL rigs. Please check if you have tied new rigs that they are barbless. Failure to read my rules, or get caught using a barbed hook will mean an imeadiate  ban without refund. If you have crushed your barbs down, they must be able to go in and out of my clothing without snagging. If they snag on the way out, then they will be considered to still be barbed, so please test thoroughly before you cast it out.

  • Please note you do NOT need unhooking mats, landing nets, weigh slings or water buckets as they are provided on every swim. We ask you NOT to bring your own as a measure of Biosecurity to prevent our fish from catching any diseases such as KHV that may be transferred on the aabove equipment. Thank you.
  • All fish must be photographed above the cradles, and not standing up away from the cradle.
  • Strictly NO wading under ANY circumstances. The lake bed is very unstable and this is for your own safety.
  • ALL under-16s must be accompanied by adults at all times.
  • 3 rods allowed all year, except if you have paid to fish together in a swim when its a Max 2 rods each.
  • No Tents. We are NOT a CAMP SITE. If you are not a serious enough angler to own a bivvy or brolly, please dont book on.
  • We do check all vehicles for tanks to stop thefts. This is routine. Please dont be offended if we ask to look in your vehicle.
  • 15lb min breaking strain main line for carp anglers.
  • No Braided main lines for carp. Braid is ok for pike anglers only.Braided hooklinks for carp are OK.
  • Pike fishing is only allowed between October 1st – March 31st.
  • Pike anglers can use shop brought dead baits only. No live or deadbaits from other venues / rivers allowed.
  • Live baits are allowed, but must be caught from Blakemere.
  • Radios are allowed but must be turned down and not be heard from the next swim.
  • No leadcore. We DO allow the new lead -free leaders that are available- such as Solars unleaded, or Taska’s Core Zero
  • BARBLESS Hooks ONLY on ALL rigs if you crush them down it must not snag on my clothes if I test it.
  • Barbed or Semi-barbed hooks are BANNED on ALL rigs, we do random rig checks.
  • Bite Alarms must be used if carp fishing overnight.
  • Rods must be a min of 2 1/4 Test curve if carp fishing. Quiver tip rods can be used for maggot fishing for silvers, but not for Carp.
  • No fires.  We do allow disposable BBQ’s . Please take the trays away with you, and don’t throw Hot burnig coals into the bushes.
  • No pets
  • No Bait boats, or rowing boats of any kind allowed.
  • No litter whatsoever. Please take it home with you.
  • No Alcohol.
  • No DRUGS of any sort.
  • No guns, air rifles / pistols, machetes, large knives, baseball bats or anything considered to be a weapon, or you will be asked to leave immediately.
  • No fixed rigs. Running rigs preferred, but lead clips allowed if used properly and not pushed on too tightly.
  • No Shelf Life Boilies allowed, only good quality freezer baits ok.
  • Maggots ARE allowed all year round.
  • Prepared nuts allowed in moderation.
  • Floater fishing for carp is allowed.
  • No carp sacks allowed on site
  • If you need to use the toilet, you must wind your rods in before you go
  • You may be asked to reel in at any time in order for your rigs to be checked.
  • You may visit your friends fishing if they are in the next door swim. We do not allow anglers to be more than ONE swim away at any time, so if you need to go to your car, or the toilet, or to collect food from the gates, or see friend a few swims away, please wind in first.
  • Please be considerate towards other anglers at all times.
  • You must be in possession of a valid EA rod licence, or 2 licences if fishing 3 rods.
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