Learn how to tie this legendary carp rig, with a difference.

The legendary hinged stiff rig, but with a difference!

I have been using it for a long time in my own angling managing carp to 48lb plus in the UK.

- James Armstrong

The hinged stiff rig has been around for decades and has a legendary status, with the likes of Terry Hearn, Nigel Sharp to name but a few catching some of the finest carp that swim on it.

I have been using it for a long time in my own angling managing carp to 48lb plus in the UK.

Originally, I fished it as a standard hinged stiff, but in recent years I have tailored the rig. I have now created something that not only allows me to change my hook without tying a whole new rig, it also ensure a stiffer curved section which ultimately makes it even more difficult for the carp to eject.

The hinged stiff rig is the perfect presentation over a softer lake bed, where a pop-up is required. It rarely tangles due to the stiff boom section, it always kicks away from the lead, and the carp find it incredibly difficult to eject.

So here’s how to tie it…

  1. you will require some stiff material; I use Ridgemonkey RM-Tec 25lb. You will need a chod-style pattern of hook in size 4 or 6. You will also need a hook bead, a micro ring swivel, a size 11 ring swivel and also some fluorocarbon for your boom section.
  2. Trim off some of the stiff material and double it over.
  3. Tie this to the size 11 ring swivel using a 1 or 2 turn blood knot, using a multi tool and pliers to bed down with saliva.
  4. Trim the tag ends and blow with a lighter to keep tidy.
  5. Slide the small hook bead over the hook.
  6. Poke the opposite end of material through the hook eye, thread on the micro ring swivel then take the line back over the point of the hook as shown in the video.
  7. Tease it all into a nice a curve with your fingers.
  8. I then roll a small dollop of putty around the eye of the size 11 ring swivel again to keep things tidy.
  9. Now tie your boom section to the stiff rig section and you are ready to go!

What you will need to tie the hinge!


Jimmy began his angling on the river Ouse with his father fishing for roach. His passion grew quickly and soon developed a love for big-fish across the globe!

James | 27th February 2020

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