11-day Location Hopper Trip

This incredible 11-day all action trip is focused on catching as many fish (and as big) as humanly possible.

An Action Packed Tour

Over 11-days you'll get at least 8-days fishing across multiple venues, with some of the biggest fish in Thailand being your target.





Arm Wrenching Fishing

Living the dream

Thailand offers a world of opportunity for anglers. Whether you want to target world record beating wild maekong on 1000 acre reservoirs, red tail cats topping 100lb from luxury resorts or reclusive snakehead in tight drains with light gear, it's all there.

Danny Chapman

Fishing in Thailand is truly remarkable.

If you completely discount the incredible country, it’s awesome food, great people, attractions, weather and everything else about Thailand that makes it so great just to focus on the fishing, you’re still in for the trip of a lifetime!

Below is an example itinerary of a 11-day tour I did last year, which I personally believes gives you everything you’d want from a trip, incredible fishing, culture, variety, luxury and of course lots of variety with the fishing.

This trip can be adjusted slightly if it isn’t exactly what you’re looking for.


Day 1: Arrival in Bangkok

You’ll meet me in Bangkok as you arrive in Thailand.

From there we’ll transfer to Phuket and check in to an incredible 5* hotel (included) where we’ll settle you in and get to know each other.

You’ll stay at: Twinpalms Resort, Phuket.

thailand fishing tours

Day 2: Ice Breaker & Some Sightseeing

Day 2 is about showing you around and understanding your goals for the trip.

We’ll do some ‘holiday’ bits, visit a local incredible beach, elephant sanctuary, take in some local food and get you initiated in to Thailand before we fly out the following day for some fishing.

We’ll talk through all the fishing requirements, rigs, methods and ideas for how to maximise your trip.

You’ll stay at: Twinpalms Resort, Phuket.


Day 3: Transfer and Get the Rods Out for Some Maekong

We’ll transfer in to Pattaya, check in to a decent local hotel and get the rods out for a few hours in the afternoon at a local Maekong hotspot.

You’ll get a bend in the rod and experience why the locals call this fish the ‘tugboat’.

We’ll head to a local venue, which is a bit of a building site, but it will break you in nicely!

A 100lb maekong is the target but by the end of the day you’ll have caught loads and will hope the rods stop rattling off every 5 minutes!

You’ll be staying at: Green Park Resort, Pattaya.

You’ll be fishing: Pattaya Fishing Park.


Day 4: Some Variety

You will spend the night in a local 3* hotel (I stay here regularly) near the city centre and the following day we’ll make the short trip to a small local lake with lots of variety.

The target will be some small arapaima up to 200lb, red tail cats to 40lb and other species of carp to 30lb.

A really small lake with some heart-pumping action, especially when the fish are feeding right at your feet!

After the fishing we’ll spend the night in the local town.

You’ll be staying at: Green Park Resort, Pattaya.

You’ll be fishing: Castaway

thailand fishing tours

Day 5: Go big

Now you’re initiated we’ll target some bigger fish and travel to the world record holding reservoir near Bangkok which we’ll fish in the afternoon on arrival if possible.

The maekong in here are HUGE, they fight like no other and you’ll potentially catch fish that weigh more than a Smart Car.

There are 3 meter cats and arapaima here, the lake has held the world record for both arapaima and maekong catfish in recent years.

You’ll be fishing: Bungsamran

You’ll be staying at: Novotel, Bangkok

thailand fishing in bangkok
Thanks to bungamran.com

Day 6: Go bigger

A second day at this legendary venue and a full days fishing to really get amongst the fish.

You’ll be fishing: Bungsamran.

You’ll be staying at: Novotel, Bangkok


Day 7: Luxury fishing

On day 7 we’ll head to another world renowned venue, you’d have seen this place on TV being fished by the guys at Korda and others.

We’ll arrive in the afternoon and stay 2 nights with 2 full days fishing ahead at this premium resort.

You’ll be fishing: No fishing today.

You’ll be staying at: Gilhams


Day 8: Potential hero

Your first full days fishing will start and we’re targeting the creme de la creme of fish.

There is hardly anything under 100lb in this lake, your rods could rip off at any minute with a real fish of a lifetime.

Arapaima, cats, rays, carp and many other breeds call this incredible looking venue home, as will you for 3 days!

You’ll be fishing: Gilhams

You’ll be staying at: Gilhams

thailand fishing tours

Day 9: Penultimate fishing day

It’s nearly your last days fishing but you’ll have the full day to try and bank a fish of a lifetime at Gilhams.

There is nowhere in Thailand that you stand a better chance of banking a record than this place!

We’ll travel overnight to the final destination.

You’ll be fishing: Gilhams

You’ll be staying at: Gilhams


Day 10: The final destination

We’ll stay at a local hotel, nothing fancy here, but nearby is a tremendous lake full of absolute monsters.

It doesn’t have the polish or luxury, in fact its a bit of a puddle, but the fish are insane!

By now you will just want to maximise your fish and this place is the one for that, you may have a fish or two to tick off your list and this venue has everything in it, and they’re huge.

Mosters lurk deep and it is not uncommon for multiple 300lb fish to be caught one after another so hold tight.

We should be able to squeeze in a few hours fishing in the evening before eating out locally.

You’ll be fishing: Palm Tree Lagoon

You’ll be staying at: As close as possible

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Day 11: The last day

After your night at a local hotel we’ll get back on the lake first thing.

This lake is great for maximising your targets, if you haven’t caught the species you want, it will be available here in abundance and to large sizes, guaranteed.

After your days fishing I will wish you well and finish up our trip together.

Depending on your preference you can stay for another night and days fishing (included) or fly back with me, your transfers will all be arranged for you either way.

You’ll be fishing: Palm Tree Lagoon

You’ll be staying at: As close as possible


When can I go?: All-year round, if a date isn't listed, get in touch.
How much will it cost in total: £3000 - £6000 all-in including spending money, varies depending on your requirements.
What COULD I catch?: Arapaima to 500lb, Catfish up to 200lb with Redtails, Siamese Carp to 200lb and Surubim being the most prolific.
What WILL I catch?: You'll catch arapaima & lots of carp up to 200lb no problem, cats are common and bigger 200lb+ specimens are typical but not guaranteed.
Is it safe?: Thailand is one of the safest countries on earth thanks to the local religions.
How much will I need to spend on tackle?: Nothing unless you want to do something more specific.
How hard is it to get there?: Easy, direct is about 12 hours.
How much are the flights?: £400-£900 depending on time of the year.
How long will it take to get there?: Door to door its about 20 hours depending flights.
Should I go alone?: Up to you, I'll be with you for company, discounts for groups available.
Included: Accommodation, fishing licenses/tickets, bait, internal flights, transfers, 5* hotel on arrival.
Not included: International flights, tips, medicines and tackle
Not suitable for: Over 60's, families, non-anglers or those who have difficulties travelling.
Fine print: 50% deposit on booking, 50% 90-days before arrival.


You’ll need to arrive in Bangkok airport on the date below.

This tour is FULL ON and largely suitable for the most enthusiastic anglers. Check out our tours page if you would like something less full on, cheaper or focused on different species.

May 9th: £3950, £3000 per additional person.

August 1st: £3950, £3000 per additional person.

Sept 12th: £3750, £3000 per additional person.

Nov 7th: £4700, £4000 per additional person.

Dec 5th: £5700, £4500 per additional person.

Price includes 3 meals per day, soft drinks & water, transfers, hotels etc and you will only need additional money for spending away from the tour itinerary, e.g. bars in town, additional baits or alcohol on site.

Drop us a message if you would like a more tailored tour of what Thailand has to offer us anglers.