Welcome to Gilly

If you're new here, this is everything you need to know in 60-seconds.

Welcome to Gilly and thank you for visiting.

Gilly is made up of  James Armstrong, Danny Chapman and friends.

You have probably never heard of Danny, but James is one of the best known carp anglers in the UK, he’s been on TV, in all the mags and across all your social platforms thanks to catching some of the best fish in the country for many years.

Together Danny and James have built Gilly with the intention of helping anglers, venues, tutors and guides connect.

We, like you, are always looking for info online about lakes we haven’t fished before, places we wanted to visit and holidays we wanted to take.

But on most occasions, we were left disappointed, Gilly was set up to counter that and be the new benchmark in information for anglers.

Though I’m writing this at the start of our journey, we already have some great content. If you haven’t seen these already, you really should:

Our aim is to publish great content each week that you won’t want to miss.

Our competitions will be the best you’ve ever seen online in our industry and we’ll open up opportunities for you to connect with tutors, guides and tours that you won’t find anywhere else online so you can catch more fish.

Don't miss a bite...