Look after our prize!

Learn how to look after our prized carp the right way :)

Carp care is THE most important thing in angling!

- James Armstrong

Carp care is THE most important factor in fishing. We are the lucky ones who catch them and so it is only right that we treat them with upmost respect and care when on the bank, returning them to the water as quick as possible.

When I land my prize I make sure that I do so in as deep water as possible. Once in the net, I keep it in place, again in deep enough water. Where possible, I will don the waders and unhook the fish in the water. It helps if another angler is present.

If the fish is safe in the net for a few minutes, again I stress SAFE, then organise your mat, bucket of water, scales/sling and anti bacterial gel/cream. I personally use the Ridgemonkey Pro Plus solution. Think about photography too, is the camera ready, is the mat in good lighting etc etc.

Once unhooked safely, I clip the arms of the landing net out and carefully roll it down, whilst the fish is still safely in the water, again, I stress water that is deep enough. Once rolled down, I slip a weigh sling underneath the carp, whilst it’s still in the net, and into the sling, Aqua Retension slings are ideal for this.

ENSURE that all its fins are completely flat and flush to its body before lifting and taking any of its weight. In the case of a very large carp, ask a friend to help out.

Transfer the sling to the mat and then unveil your prize. At this point, it’s imperative to ensure that you are over the fish and in control. Do not let it flip out of control, just lean over the fish and cradle in your arms and against your chest to calm it down. Look for any blemishes in the mouth and treat them with the Pro Care.

Keep the fish wet with your water and then make sure you smiling for the camera. Once you’ve done this it is time to transfer back into the sling and safely take your prize back to a nice deep, safe margin where you can release it. Hold her upright, let her get her breath back, until she kicks away strongly!

What you will need to care for your prize!


Jimmy began his angling on the river Ouse with his father fishing for roach. His passion grew quickly and soon developed a love for big-fish across the globe!

James | 24th March 2020

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