7-day Arapaima Hunter

If the mighty Arapaima is your dream (it's mine too) then this is the trip for you.

7-day Arapaima Hunter

If the mighty Arapaima is your dream (it's mine too) then this is the trip for you.





Arm Wrenching Fishing

Living the dream

The Arapaima in Thailand are immaculate brutes to over 500lb. The heart-stopping action, often at close quarters, keeps anglers from all over the world targeting bigger and bigger specimens - you could be next!

Danny Chapman

Arapaima fishing in Thailand is truly remarkable.

If you completely discount the incredible country, it’s awesome food, great people, attractions, weather and everything else about Thailand that makes it so great just to focus on the fishing, you’re still in for the trip of a lifetime!

Below is an example itinerary of a 7-day tour targeted at nothing but the incredible Arapaima, you’ll catch other fish too, but the goal is simple…a 300lb+ Arapaima.

This trip can be adjusted slightly if it isn’t exactly what you’re looking for.


Day 1: Arrival in Bangkok

You’ll meet me in Bangkok as you arrive in Thailand.

From there we’ll transfer to Phuket and check in to an incredible 5* hotel (included) where we’ll settle you in and get to know each other.

You’ll stay at: Twinpalms Resort, Phuket.

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Day 2: In to the action

We’ll transfer in to Krabi and get you started on perhaps the most famous resort in Thailand, Gillhams.

You might have seen it on TV, if not check it out online, it is by-far the most exclusive resort Thailand has to offer for several reasons. But most importantly it is home to some mind-boggling fish.

I can’t wait to see your face when the first 300lb fish rolls inches from the bank!

You’ll be staying at: Gillhams.

You’ll be fishing: Gillhams.


Day 3: Time to get a bend in the rod!

You’ll spend a second day at the world-renowned Gillhams resort in Krabi and your first days fishing.

Here you’ll stand a good chance of something massive, but the fish can be illusive at times, so it’s not guaranteed!

In the evening we’ll get everything set to move on the following day.

You’ll be staying at: Gillhams

You’ll be fishing: Gillhams

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Day 4: Go big

We’ll fish the full day at Gillhams and travel back to Bangkok airport in the evening.

From there a 2-hour drive to another venue, checking in overnight so we can get up fishing the next day!

You’ll be checking in to a local hotel and fishing Palm Tree Lagoon, a venue without the luxury of Gillhams but with a much higher stocking policy.

At PTL you’ll have the chance to catch world record size Arapaima, but you’ll likely get amongst some other species too.

An arm wrenching days fishing is guaranteed.

You’ll be fishing: Palm Tree Lagoon

You’ll be staying at: Local Hotel


Day 5: Go bigger

A full days fishing at this incredible venue to really get amongst the fish.

Expect to be tired!

You’ll be fishing: Palm Tree Lagoon.

You’ll be staying at: Local Hotel.

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Day 6: Penultimate days fishing

On day 6 you’ll have a half days fishing at PTL ahead of you but make the most of it as we’re on the move again that night!

You’ll be fishing: Palm Tree Lagoon

You’ll be staying at: Local Hotel



Day 7: The last venue

After travelling back to Bangkok and a short flight you’ll arrive in Udon Thani to fish Leks.

This venue is similar to PTL in that it’s a local lake in the middle of a local town, there are not many tourists so don’t expect thrills and luxury.

That said, you can fish all day from your own private pool and really take a back seat if you’d like!

There are some serious fish here though and you should expect to be banking huge arapaima up to 400lb.

You’ll be fishing: Leks

You’ll be staying at: Local Town.


Day 8: The final day

The final day of my tour is here but you still have options.

You have the full days fishing and accommodation that night included, as well as transfers booked back to Bangkok organised for the next day.

I will be leaving the resort at the same time but if you let me know prior I can arrange your onward travel to local city or your continued stay at Leks (at your cost).

You’ll be fishing: Leks

You’ll be staying at: Local Town.



When can I go?: All-year round, if a date isn't listed, get in touch.
How much will it cost in total: £3000 - £4500 all-in including spending money, varies depending on your requirements.
What COULD I catch?: Arapaima to 500lb.
What WILL I catch?: Arapaima over 200lb is typical, 300's common.
Is it safe?: Thailand is one of the safest countries on earth thanks to the local religions.
How much will I need to spend on tackle?: Nothing unless you want to do something more specific.
How hard is it to get there?: Easy, direct is about 12 hours.
How much are the flights?: £400-£900 depending on time of the year.
How long will it take to get there?: Door to door its about 20 hours depending flights.
Should I go alone?: Up to you, I'll be with you for company, discounts for groups available.
Included: Accommodation, fishing licenses/tickets, bait, internal flights, transfers, 5* hotel on arrival.
Not included: International flights, tips, medicines and tackle
Not suitable for: Over 60's, families, non-anglers or those who have difficulties travelling.
Fine print: 50% deposit on booking, 50% 90-days before arrival.


You’ll need to arrive in Bangkok airport on the date below.

This tour is perfect for those looking to fish multiple spots and get amongst some monster Arapaima!

Check out our tours page if you would like something different, cheaper or focused on different species.

May 9th: £2950, £2200 per additional person.

August 1st: £2950, £2200 per additional person.

Sept 12th: £2750, £2100 per additional person.

Nov 7th: £3200, £2700 per additional person.

Dec 5th: £3700, £3300 per additional person.

Price includes 3 meals per day, soft drinks & water, transfers, hotels etc and you will only need additional money for spending away from the tour itinerary, e.g. bars in town, additional baits or alcohol on site.

Drop us a message if you would like a more tailored tour of what Thailand has to offer us anglers.